Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Things with a side order of Stuff

Journey, on the other hand has a new lead singer from the Philippines who sounds exactly like Steve Perry.

Because while I like songs from many all of these bands, I can't imagine paying money to go see a Greatest Hits concert. I think it's sad.

Awwww, lookit the kitty!


I feel the same way about Idol, yet I am completely obsessed with Survivor.

So maybe my opinion shouldn't count.
Good call on not going to some of these shows. It's a crap shoot as to the quality of the show you're going to see depending on how badly the band members abused themselves with drugs and alcohol back in the day.

Saw Kansas and Styx a few years ago, before Dennis DeYoung left the band, and both sets were excellent. Styx played for almost two hours and it was *so* worth it.

Then we saw Foreigner and Journey...Journey was so-so, but Foreigner was AWFUL! The lead singer sounded like shit.

Rush still puts on an amazing concert though. Last time I saw them they played for three and a half hours, with only one break, and no opening band. It was phenomenal! Still holds the title of best concert ever. The only thing that would have been better is if I could have seen Rush *and* Marillion back in '87.
b.e. It only counts if you feel guilty and shameful. I just watched Season 2 of Project Runway and declared I am not allowed to watch any more reality tv because it takes away from my drawing studies.

Katie: I never got Marillion, but I'm sorry you missed it by virtue of not having been out of diapers yet. (how old are you?)

I also never go Hawkwind but that's a different story and a different friend.
Out of diapers?? LOL! Hardly. I'll be 40 this year. So 1987 was my senior year in high school, and I didn't get to go because I was grounded for cutting classes. :o)
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