Monday, April 28, 2008


After hearing so much about it, we finally watched Into The Wild last night.


I'm resonating with vibrations of joy, sorrow, memory and regret.

Chris McCandless was my contemporary and he lived a life I only dreamed of at the time back in 1990. While I was floundering around with the early stages of Alcoholism, Career Confusion and the lost of my first serious relationship, Chris had given up everything and hitting the road.

Here, have the fitting mood music of local band Blue Dixie (1992) 05-GetOnTheRoad_64kb.mp3 (audio/mpeg Object)

I knew people like Chris in College and I badly wanted to be them, but I lived in fear of the unknown, imagined obligation, debt and that Alcoholism thing I was talking about. Even though I smoked a lot of weed, I was still wound too tight.

The closest I ever came was listening to my Blue Dixie- About Time (archive org) cd wanting to just keep on driving, and driving...I was sad, lonely, hated my town, broke and without prospects...but I turned around.

Now 18 years later I'm sitting on my couch feeling the ache of the echoing call for adventure. Tomorrow I get to go to my office and work for 8 hours.

Life is a mixed bag, and we are the sum of total of our choices. One shouldn't live with regret, but still. Of the two paths in the wood, I took the one more traveled. Chris is a reminder, like remembering to let Death be a passenger on your left shoulder. If you want to live, then live, because one day you die. The End.

Here is the original article that later became the book Into the Wild, now go out and watch the movie and remember.

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This is right at the top of my NetFlix queue, and I've been hesitant to watch it because I think I might feel the regret of not having lived that life. Regret it hard.

I'll get to it sooner or later. Yeah, right...that's what I said about adventure when I graduated college in '88. Sigh.
The regret goes away.

The path I took was more traveled but still relatively less traveled by others.

You can always be an old man travler.
i fell in love with alex mccandless when i first read into the wild. quite honestly i was afraid to watch the film out of fear of being let down. i absolutely wasn't... from the music to the scenary to the choice of lead character it was a wonderful journey.

have you seen the documentary with sean penn, his son, and jon krakauer making the trip to the bus in alaska?

blue dixie, eh? i moved to the lou in the late 90's as blue dixie was winding down and chopper was playing with kerosine willie. i've heard many great stories about the old blue dixie days...
Hi dragonflysister,
Welcome to NTM!

Yeah...Charisma...must be nice to have it.

No I haven't seen the documentary. I'll keep an eye out for it.

I enjoyed the hell out of Blue Dixie and had several really acid trips and adventures at their shows. I was always bummed out that their shows would start out with a lot of audience but would really drop off over the course of the night.

Being a young generation Jam Band, I wish they could have taken off.
did you see this?

DragonflySister: not I didn't! Thanks for the update. I'm going to have to get to that show.
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