Monday, April 21, 2008

Jason Beghe on Scientology: The Full Interview

Last week, a three-minute video posted on YouTube showed veteran television actor Jason Beghe denouncing Scientology. He’d been a member of the organization for a dozen years, and told the Voice in an interview that he gave Scientology about a million dollars in donations during that time. He also offered surprising behind-the-scenes information about well-known Scientologist celebrities Tom Cruise and John Travolta, and gave Scientology dabbler Will Smith a warning that he was being secretly taped in therapy sessions.

Man, this shit is extensive, I had to stop listening after an hour. To me it's the equivalent of some guy saying that a priest had raped him when he was a boy and the church just moved the to another parish so he could do it again.

Mental rape every bit as real and invasive as a physical violation.

Really, all religions are Fairy Tales.

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