Monday, April 14, 2008

Everybody needs a Go To

Just this very afternoon, my coworker tried to Rickroll me by singing it. Then she tried to earworm me with Copacabana and Rubberband Man.

"You can try all you want," I told her, but I'm armed with Superstition as my Go To Earworm Eraser.

I'd seen it a few years ago. I love the wild abandon of the dancing kid.

What's your Go To?


Heh, this one is mine...

That is a fantastic Go To!

I also have Spill The Wine
I have no "go to" earworm.

I just go a slightly more crazy every time a song gets stuck in my head. Right now it's "Superstition", so thanks for that!

PS - My girlfriend's uncle played drums on "Copacabana". That is all.
See that's the whole idea of the Shield.

When an annoying Earworm hits you, you start playing a catchy song that you like.

Rather than go crazy, you've just turned the mental radio station.
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