Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Emphasis Mine

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush has welcomed Pope Benedict XVI to the White House with assurances that the United States is a nation of prayer and that its people are open to his message of hope.

Bush said that ``we need your message that all human life is sacred.''Unless they're brown.

Bush said that ``in a world where some no longer believe that we can distinguish between simple right and wrong, we need your message to reject this dictatorship of relativism.''signing statements and what's this bit about torture? You and your cabinet OKed torture right? Yes? Ok, I'm wondering how your own tongue won't jump out of your mouth and strangle you.

Benedict was only the second pope to visit the White House and the first in 29 years. He arrived in picture-perfect spring weather on his 81st birthday, and the crowd of thousands sang him Happy Birthday. More than 9,000 guests, including several members of Bush's Cabinet, came to the ceremony, the largest in White House history.


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