Friday, April 18, 2008

Cat Bugs the Crap Out of Me before Shaky Time in the Midwest

The thing I find more interesting than Midwest Earthquakes is the fact that everyone around me wants to talk about it and say what it was like when it hit. By the time the local media got on the air they were flooded with phone calls and emails by people expressing a desire to tell their story.

I don't make it a habit to call the newsroom as soon as something happens, and I wonder about the mindset of the people who do. I think it all falls under the realm of Community. We are species who are bound to each other and we bind through storytelling. How else can you find your place in society without telling your story? I also think it's a way to keep the Boogie Man away. I heard some coworkers talking about it, and the way they were laughing about it made me imagine a pressure release valve blowing off steam.

We tell ourselves into being, don’t we?’ he says. ‘I think that is one of the great reasons for stories. I mean, we are the storytelling animal, there is no other creature on earth that tells itself stories in order to understand who it is. This is what we do, we’ve always done it, whether they are religious stories or personal stories, or tall stories, or lies, or useful stories, we live by telling each other and telling ourselves the stories of ourselves.
, Salman Rushdie

"Which reminds me of something I learned from The Science of Discworld, a discussion of the physics of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld by serious academics. One concept stuck with me: that we are not homo sapiens, but pans narrans, the storytelling ape." (written by Max Dunbar but exactly what I was thinking).

Me, I prefer the Metastory and weird animal behavior. I also noticed that everyone turns to the Meteorologist to ask about earthquake stuff. FYI, Geology is not Meteorology, so why ask him/her. Is it the same reason people think that if you work with Macs that you can trouble shoot a PC?


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