Monday, April 14, 2008

Big Hunk O Nothing Going On

I'm still waiting for Spring to arrive so I can go outside and play.

Saturday I went to a Catholic Supply Store to buy my niece a gift for her first communion. I don't come from a Christian background and am currently an Atheist, so all this worship creeped me out. I'm certain that Jesus wouldn't dig on all this veneration. Who knows, maybe he would as he hasn't done much about Pedophile Priests.

Alessandra and I arrived at the church just as the service was starting, so we had to sit out in the lobby in the last row with the other latercomers. Ale snapped a photo of my niece in her dress going in, then we took off to have lunch at Dairy Queen across the street. We got back with five minutes to go on the service, and took some more photos.

For as gross as Dairy Queen food is...it was still better than 1.25 hrs in a church.



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