Monday, March 10, 2008


I was idly flipping through the local Alt Weekly when I came across an article with a picture of a woman I used to know it.

Clayton police referred the case to the FBI. According to a Clayton PD memo, in July of last year an FBI agent notified the department of an alleged domestic disturbance at the Gladneys': A confidential informant told the FBI that Gladney threw a beer bottle at his wife on July 18, and that Susan Wu had a black eye and bruises on her legs the informant felt had been caused by Gladney. The document shows that Wu asked the informant not to leave the house.

Clayton police twice tried to check on Wu, according to the memo, but no one answered the door. On the second occasion an officer saw the blinds of a third-floor window open and close. "It is to be noted that A. Gladney has a sophisticated surveillance system with cameras around his house as well as access to numerous weapons," states the memo.

In a motion to deny bail in the extortion case, Assistant U.S. Attorney Howard Marcus cites Gladney's collection of Asian anime porn, including one DVD that "contains animated graphic depictions of abductions and rapes." He also quotes a letter written by Susan Wu that was seized by the FBI. "I cannot take another episode where Andrew's 'righteous' anger that [sic] flashes into his terrible violence," reads the letter. "At one point, he had tied and gagged me with duct tape. Then terrorized me with descriptions of my torture and death. At one point, Andrew chased me out of the home, holding a gun, telling me that he is going to shoot me in the head."

Both me and my friend Rich had crushes on her about 15 years ago. And at one point, I tried really hard to get her to break up with her boyfriend so I could date her. But alas, I wasn't the one to do it.

This is the first physical abuse story of someone I know of, and it really saddens me because Sue is a very nice woman. And it appears, she's really been beaten down because, according to the article, she faithfully visits her husband and talks to him on the phone regularly.

Bleh, the whole thing just makes me sick to my stomach thinking about it.
Rat fucking bastard should be beaten death.


That's scary.
Susan was one of my best friends from high school that I fell out of touch with over the years.

Found the same article yesterday while randomly Googling the names of old friends to see what they were up to.

Bumped into her brother and mom a while back and thought it was odd that they were evasive when I asked how Susan was doing.

It does sound like she's been beaten down and not like her old self at all. It's very sad.
Yes anonymous, I understand that it's hard to hear. I wonder how much she talks to her family? If she's still "in love" with her husband, I'm sure that causes a lot of familial stress.

When I knew Sue it was shortly after college, she felt trapped by her culture and family. Later she dated a guy I used to know I hear was alcoholic and verbally abusive towards her. I had heard they broke up, and I guess she found another guy to abuse her. The problem is, I had felt at the time she had low self esteem.

It makes me sad to think about it, and I know there are friends of hers who love her and want her to be happy. :(
Hi anonymous:

This just in: http://blogs.riverfronttimes.com/stlog/2008/09/businessman_andrew_gladney_sentenced_33_months.php
Thank you for posting the link to the article. I had been looking for more information on this, but couldn't find anything.

The article includes additional information that troubles me a lot more, though. I am not clear if the "drug induced fantasies" were her husband's, or Susan's.

I pretty much grew up with Susan from our pre-teen years and I knew her family quite well. I feel badly for them too, they are all very nice and decent people. I have gotten the impression (from mutual friends) that Susan does not have much (if any) contact with her family.

I have been having some feelings of guilt that I didn't try harder to keep in touch with her. From the article it does sound like she has support from friends, and I am glad for that.
Hi Anon,
The end of the article has links to the previous articles.

It sounds like drug induced fantasies were both.

I understand your guilt, however we grow apart from friends because we do, not ever knowing that our friends are going to continue on into disaster. Chances are, there's nothing you would have been able to do anyway.

However, you could always make contact if you feel the need to support her. She might like that.
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