Friday, March 14, 2008

The thing that I learned today:

I learn lots of things every day, but this just blew my mind. I'm sure you'll be overwhelmed (sarcasm.)

Ok, so the first time I listened to Pink Floyd The Wall in it's entirety was the same day that I watched the movie, almost choked to death on a piece of ice, on the same day that dropped acid for the first time. As a Senior, I was already out of school but my friend Mike from another school, had skipped that day to drop with us at another dude's house, and midway through the movie his mom found us at the dude's house and dragged him out of there screaming and hollering at him.

There was also a full stolen prime rib that was cooked and eaten, but that is neither here nor there. Unless it was actually a baby, I don't know I didn't see it go into the oven...but I digress.

After Mike was dragged off, I went home and listened to the rest of The Wall by myself in my tiny bedroom tripping balls.

It was a pretty intense day and it is a very intense album. I don't listen to it too often, and never all in one sitting.

I have Rebuilding The Wall a bluegrass version in it's entirety by Luthor Wright and the Wrongs. It's very good, and not nearly as intense.

So as an aside I decided to see what Wikipedia had to say about The Wall. And this is what I read.

Pink's mindset deteriorates behind his freshly completed wall, with his persopnal crisis culminating during an onstage performance. Hallucinating, Pink believes that he is a fascist dictator, and his concerts are like Neo-Nazi rallies where he sets his men on fans he considers unworthy, only to have his conscience rebel at this and put himself on trial, his inner judge ordering him to "tear down the wall" in order to open himself to the outside world. At this point the album's end runs into its beginning with the closing words "Isn't this where..."; the first song on the album, "In the Flesh?", begins with the words "...we came in?" – with a continuation of the melody of the last song, Outside the Wall – hinting at the cyclical nature of Waters' theme.

So thanks to digital technology, you can now play the last song first back to back with the first song, so you can hear the melody and the jump. I suggest you turn the stereo up real loud because it's hard to hear, and it freak your own shit out.

Pink keeps looping around, and around, and around...for-everrrrrrr.

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The related thing I learned 2 weeks or so ago

That the band Disaster Area in Douglas Adams' Restaurant at the end of the Universe is based on Pink Floyd. Disaster Area's concerts end with them smashing a starship into a sun, causing wild supernovas, and Pink Floyd has the song, Set The Controls to the Heart of the Sun

I new DNA was a Pink Floyd friend and fan, and that he named the album The Division Bell and for his 50th birthday got to play guitar on stage with them. I also knew Floyd had the song, but I didn't have the connection between the pieces of information to bridge the gap.

I like the feeling of connection when it comes together. Yesterday I heard a song on a Brazilian soap that sounded familiar, and after a few minutes of mental wrestling with 10,000+ songs in my music collection I was able to pinpoint it to a song by The Dandy Warhols.

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You ate prime rib on acid? I tried to eat pizza that way once. It didn't really work out.

I think we also played some football and generally ran around.

One time, a few years later, me and some friends spirit walked through several Grateful Dead songs (on a night we were not seeing a show.)
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