Monday, March 24, 2008

Out of Context

Monday after a 3 day weekend. It's warm and sunny in my office and I'm reading a book on XML code...I think I'll start my post.

The Stunt Devils vs The Smashinistas
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Saturday we went to see Arch Rival Roller Girls Roller Derby bout. After 3+ years of supporting them spiritually and buying a shirt while they were still not even skating yet, the stars lined up and I finally got to a bout. Much to my surprise Alessandra really enjoyed it and wants to go back. I didn't think she would because she really doesn't like sports or crowds, but like me, she enjoys tattooed chicks knocking each other around. So we will go to the next bout next month.

St. Louis has a very large metropolitan area, and thanks to the lack of many civic centers and cross-cultural strips, it's rare to see people you know outside of their respective "counties." So it was much to my amazement when I saw my dentist and his wife at the Derby. Out of context, it took a few seconds to recognize them. Especially at a Roller Derby.

We sat together and cheered for the team who's side we arbitrarily sat on. And in a very rare event, was talk sports and sports smack. Alessandra: "When did you start booing?" "Who me? Nawww, I'm just cheering for Bruce Springsteen".

The Stunt Devils kicked The Smashinistas' ass! Yay Stunt Devils! Their Jammers really took control of the situation. Artemischief, a tiny, little (I want to say thing without being offensive) thing, outskated the opposing blockers and flowed through and around them like they were made of mist! The score 91-65!

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