Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Son, one day you are going to grow up to become a professional baseball player

We tested McCann's precocity-longevity hypothesis, which proposes that early career achievement is related to premature death, for Major League baseball players (N = 3,760). Age at debut was the definition for precocity. We controlled for possible artifacts of life expectancy selection, the "healthy worker" effect, player position, and body-mass index. Statistically significant Pearson correlations occurred between precocity and longevity, and remained significant when adjusted for artifacts. In a hierarchical multiple regression, every year a baseball player debuted before the average age of 23.6 years was associated with life span being shortened by 0.24 years. The results support the hypothesis that earlier achievement is associated with earlier death.

Because I hate you.

I was looking for an article on Proquest yesterday and cruising the publication list when I stumbled upon The Journal of Death Studies, which I thought was a pretty cool title for a journal and/or career. A quick glance at the article abstracts gave me this one, which as you can imagine, I think is pretty funny. I was always awful at sports though I tried them all, I just sucked and as a result I hate all organized sports (except for fighting robots and women's gymnastics).

So you there you go. Succeed early, die sooner. Do as I do and keep success as distant as possible and recalibrate your meaning of success. By my lights I'm doing quite well!

So you are saying that it's a good thing that I'm not the centerfielder for the NY Yankees?

I don't buy it.
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Redo to not sound as mean

Well now you're getting into the issue of qualitative vs quantitative.

Sure being the centerfielder for the Yankees might be the greatest thing ever for you. You will feel joy every single day of your statistically infinitesimally shortened life.

I like the idea of a father encouraging his son to be a professional athlete because he it's a subtle, resentful murder.
Mean would have been okay, since I was being mostly sarcastic. ;)
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