Saturday, March 29, 2008

Notes from my trip

I left my webcam on Thursday while working so Alessandra could watch me. These are the faces she captured while I did my thing. Note the confusion.

At work in Montreal

Jet laggy asynchronous thoughts:

The fear of being with my boss who I don't know that well on a trip was fairly large, but by the end realized he's pretty cool. A total work-aholic but very nice. He has big plans which appeal to me and make me really want to put effort into helping him achieve his goals.

My boss sailed through customs. For some reason someone didn't initially believe I was there on business. I was sent to another office to be asked, "Have you ever been in any trouble? Have you ever had any DUIs?"

"Nope I've been in recovery for 15 years."

The woman smiled: "Bill and Doctor Bob and Bill help you out?"


"You can go, have a nice visit."

I think it's because this post gets a lot of hits from Saudi Arabia, Iran and other parts of the Middle East.

I had to be up at 3:45am to get dressed and get to the airport. By the time we got to Montreal we were both picking up our second wind, just in time for our first meeting. Brainsssssss.

This meeting didn't really concern me, I wanted to follow along to give the appearance of paying attention, but after 20 minutes I was surfing and looking for good user interfaces inspiration and more code books to download.

For those who don't French is the preferred language of Montreal, all signage is subtitled with English, and everyone switches over without complaint. By the end of my trip my inner monologue had acquired a French accent.

It's nice being the client. Two very nice meals out, reasonably priced extravagance.

The guy I worked with on Thursday is of a similar nature to myself. When we finished he was surfing a Fantasy Satire Fan Fic site and later a French Canadian sex blog. Either the culture is much more at ease with it's sexuality or he figured since I couldn't speak French, I couldn't read it. However, clitoris is spelled the same in both languages.

Women in Montreal are far more beautiful than Midwestern women. Our best looking Midwestern women would be considered average in Montreal. Plus they have a more exotic look and are very, very stylish even when being casual. We won't get into the issue of weight...ok we will. Americans are fat and dumpy, Quebecois are not.

Apparently prostitution is legal in Montreal.

I did my best to be polite to everyone, everywhere. And my boss said we may go back this Summer.


I can't imagine the faces i make in a day... too funny.
Thanks, I was reading XSLT and XML code, so I was/am rather baffled.

You should have someone take some snapshots.
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