Thursday, March 06, 2008

How the Clover could change the way we think about coffee. - By Paul Adams - Slate Magazine

The New York Times used words like "cult object," "majestic," and "titillating"; the Economist called it "ingenious" and "sleek." The subject of these encomiums is, incongruously, a commercial coffee machine—the Clover 1s, an $11,000 device that brews regular coffee (not espresso) one cup at a time. Could the Clover represent that much of an advance in the state of the coffee art? more

The idea of a perfect coffee maker has been around for years. SF author Spider Robinson that also added, sugar, cream, whiskey, whip cream and cleans the glass when you're done.

It looks like this is bold step in that direction. I can't wait until I am in such a place where I can sample such a heavenly brew.

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