Friday, March 07, 2008

Events saved up for a longer post

Events saved up for a longer post.

Hopefully this will be the last time I mention it because I'm getting sick of saying it. Perhaps I'm not getting the feedback I desire. Let me preface by saying I like my job and what I do. I get to use my brain to be creative and solve problems with a minimum of pressure.

I also now have an "apprentice", which pretty cool. I have a chance to help someone out at the beginning of their career in a way that is the opposite of how my career worked out. There were times that I offered myself into an apprenticeship and was refused, and other times where people actively worked to keep me from learning from them, and it's nice to give someone a leg up rather than a boot in the face.

There are the some weird-ass irritants at this place. I guess that's how I need to mention it as they don't really count as actual negatives.

1. This office/town creeps me the fuck out. As I had mentioned elsewhere, there are no good looking people in my office (with the exception being me). No eye candy kind of bums me out. Not only that, but there are so few good looking people in Edwardsville (30 miles from my house), that I haven't seen any in recent memory. I'm looking, but everyone is so dumpy looking or very hard faced. It's odd.

1b. There most people I'm looking at here are really obese.

2. My boss, while mostly nice, bugs the crap out of me. His voice and attitude is a lot like the character John Hill who was Sam's nemesis on "Cheers". When he speaks more than 2 sentences to me, I feel a ghost urge to hit him. It is of such tone and timbre as to sound like a nasal chain saw. I'll leave aside his old school "I program everything by hand and distain GUI interfaces for web building and coding applications. But thats how he refers to everything.

3. I have to peers. The only people I deal with all day are my boss who's older and I can't relate to, or my apprentice who is too young and I can't relate to.

4. Our internet sucks. For a web company, our bandwidth is awful.

Still though, I get paid very well for what I'm doing. I can live with it.

An anecdote

8 months ago I applied for a job at place I desperately wanted to work at. I created an animation of their work and placed it on YouTube to show what I can do on short notice and waited on pins an needles only to totally blow the interview.

Two days ago I recieved an email from them! Whoo Hoo! They remembered me, they want me!

"Please remove our copywrited work from YouTube!"

punch in the belly.

Speaking of punch in the belly
I was listening to the sorry state of St. Louis Radio this morning on the way into the office and I heard an acoustic/blues/shotgun version of Born in the USA. It was like a lead pipe upside the head of emotion. Wow. Seek it out.

Did you know that I think the everyone in the world is stupid? This also includes me. It especially includes me.I said this first part to my Mother-In-Law last night in conversation, but neglected to mention the second part even I thoroughly believe it at this time. See what I mean?

Finally, this week is Alessandra's Birthday Weekend! Party, party, party


You have an apprentice? Too cool. I want one of those.

Any clue who did the Born in the USA? Was it Joseph Arthur? I him cover that last year in NYC at a Bruce tribute show, and, if I remember correctly, it was acoustic and bluesy.
It was The Boss himself from some live show.

I'm a sucker for a reimaginings done right.

My apprentice has to learn nearly from the ground up. I'm amazed at how much shit I know.
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