Monday, March 10, 2008


Some folks say that we anthropormorphise our pets too much, and that they don't love us the same way that we love them. But I mean look at this!

Lola and Me 3

I took a nap on Saturday afternoon and Lola came up, kitty kissed me by rubbing her face in my beard and took up this position for an hour! It's clear that she feels what I would consider both affection, security and a state of happiness being in my presence that i would call love. And when she got up with me she was Chirping

Lola and Me 2

It was so nice! I wish we could sleep like that all the time!


awww. a butt in the face. aren't cats the best?
Our Syd will actually lay on our chests (one at a time) and use our faces as a pillow. If that's not love, I don't wanna know what is.
My cat rarely honours us with a nap. She prefers to sleep alone.
Awwww! I have a couple of those... That's such a cute pic!
Welcome to NTM OriginalCindy.

I sure do loves those cats, they do indeed rock.

We take Lola outside in a pet stroller or a harness with leash also.
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