Friday, February 22, 2008

Really, I can't smash my head on the table fast enough or hard enough

Safe For Work: How Gene Simmons' Sex Tape Is The Fairytale Romance Of Our Time

Notice in the picture he's wearing a shirt, which is porn for "hide the belly"

I gather they are charging $10 to view Gene Simmons making beast with two backs with someone who is not his long time partner - personally I'd pay a very large amount of money not to watch this....

At end of blog competition ask me who I think ought to win = present company excepted ;) You can still qualify for next round anyway methinks
I hope he payed her more than $10...or maybe not considering she wouldn't kiss him.
And here I thought Gene Simmons couldn't get any more disgusting.

That's like watching your crazy uncle have sex with a hooker.
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