Sunday, February 03, 2008

Multiple Choice Header

I have no idea which one to use:

A. Letter U, Number 2, Number 3, Letter D

B. Almost Better Than The Real Thing

C. Super-Bah!

D. Man Crush Gay For Bono

Eschewing the Super Bowl® for something, I don't know...more worth while so we went to see U2 3D at the IMAX. It was Totally Awesome!

Two years ago we got wildly fucked by Ticketmaster and 7 minutes after tickets went on sale 9 months advance of the U2 show we ended up as far away from the band horizontally as humanly possible.

Sure we enjoyed the show, but there was that element of being so far away that kind of bugged me.

But U23D puts you front row and on stage with the band...in 3d! Oh man it killed! The only thing that would have made it better is if the theater was packed and we were all dancing. That would have pushed it over the top and made it better than the real thing. Still though, it was a stellar simulacrum with a great setlist.

As far as man crush gay goes, I think I'd only make out with Bono. As great, and charismatic as Paul Hewson is, I don't swing that way even though he makes me tingly.


Definitely D.
It's a good bra size too...although unfortunately not mine.
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