Friday, February 01, 2008

Friday Stuff

Witness the Power of Technology!
Last night we watched LOST, while a friend of ours in New Mexico used the Slingbox to watch it with us. Then we had a brief chat via Skype after that.

After digging out the cars, shoveling the walk and stuff, I made the 30 mile drive to the office to only to discover that my coworker who lives 2 miles away, can't make it out of her parking lot.

Hooray! The office is springing for a pizza lunch today! Oh Crap, it's Papa Johns.

I'm too lazy to do a search to see if I mentioned this before, but nearly everyone in my office is obese...and (I know this is a first mention). I work on the second floor, which is poorly insulated and always cold, but on the first floor where ventilation is poor, the office stinks of B.O. and old food. Because they are always having Pot Luck Lunches, and shit (3 in the space of a week), it reeks of cafeteria. It's really quite gross.

we also had a few no shows. They used the sick routine. Ya. riiiight. Hate that.

Oh and

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