Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I had once gotten into a wicked fight with a girlfriend about humans behavior and our desire to constantly alter our brains and perceptions.

I am under the belief that we enjoy the fuck out of rearranging our perceptions.
Children do it all the time. That's what I think meditation is for. As is going on thrill rides which led to a fight about whether or not monks would enjoy riding roller coasters.

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I was pro-coaster monk, she was anti.

I can't help but notice the argument memories I still hold inside are the ones I lost even though I knew I was right. 15 years later the proof is in the photograph, so I can finally let this one go.

I discovered a "new way" to really pleasantly mess with your mind just the other night. If you pay attention to how your eyes move when you run your inner monologue Eye Accessing Cues, try and move them the opposite direction. For example I was trying to picture how I drew something and my eyes shifted to my upper right. I deliberately shifted them to the left middle and I experienced what could best be described as a brain freeze, non verbal fragmentation of weird indescribable lightning images. I'm hoping to somehow provoke myself into Synethesia.

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I see we're head to head in random top blog competition...

alll very odd ;)
So I see. Battling for patronage of a stranger! Odd indeed! But the very best kind.
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