Sunday, January 27, 2008

Working the Joke

This joke takes the long way around:

Last night Ale and I went to see The Tania PĂ©rez-Salas Dance Company last night. As this example shows, it was very beautiful.

While we were at the show Ale spotted nasty top-knot/baby-boner ponytail on an older gentleman. Upon closer examination it was determined to an elaborate comb over of which I shall try to impart to you.


Yes I know that this is NOT a good drawing. That the ear is too high, and I had to move the eye back into position. The fact is, I'm not quite ready to get to faces in my lessons, but still I needed a face to show the hair. So I knocked out a quick line drawing of me.

Notice the male pattern baldness crown in the back, followed by bald spot and a long hair cover up.

The ponytail itself (what drew Alessandr'a eye to it) was ring shaped i.e. it swirled around and had a hollow middle.

So that's the story, and I hoe you enjoyed learning about one of the worst hairdo's I've ever seen.

That totally looks like you with a bad hair do. Reminds me of a Rodney Rude joke...theatre and all. Are you sure he didn't also have nits?
I think I know that guy!

Just kidding, but the drawing looks a little like someone I know...without the male pattern baldness.
It's still not as lovely as that black latex paint comb-over you had one halloween. Classic Cap'n!

I'm also having flashbacks to the wedding we went to where an old guy had a sunken skull and you really wanted a photo. LOL
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