Monday, January 07, 2008

When you get what you want...

I've always wished for a job where I would be very lightly supervised, with a light work load and generally left alone by my coworkers. So now I have it, and I am bored, bored, bored! I don't talk to anyone at my office nearly all day, and my boss is often out of town. There is no one in my wing of the building, it's heavenly. But by the end of the day, I have lost the capacity for speech. It's weird. There is no one at the office I can even relate to if I wanted to talk to people.

Circling the drain

Pinky, our betta, has been dying for 3 weeks. I was all for euthanizing him last week when by putting his bowl in the cold (it hit 70 today), I decided to value his little pink life instead. If I can value a that of a turkey I was going to eat, I can do the same for a fish. we've bought all kinds of fish meds and keep changing his water, but he just ain't improving. He hasn't eaten in 2.5 weeks. Come on fish, shit or get off the pot! Get well or die already. Your struggle for life is inconveniencing my emotions.

Spinning Wheels

I used my birthday money, Christmas bonus, Gift money and some extra funds to purchase a new road bike. I lose 13lbs of metal by switching bikes.

The Secret Late Night Thought
Was very personal and true for moment I thought it. Too raw, I cannot bring myself to write it here.

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Ach, yer such a cock tease! Too raw, my ass. (Sounds like I need some ointment.)
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