Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Stumbled on Images

Cruising around the Tubes as often as I do, I see a lot of images grabbed and reused over and over. So it was with great pleasure that I stumbled across some great images here. I think the site is Polish, and there are a few Nazi pictures, almost all of these images are striking in their composition.

Since there are no explanations, or context for the photos. I decided to make up a couple of my own.

As Irma gazed lovingly into Prince X-9's light sensors she felt her love it grow to encompass the world. Would a kiss transform it into flesh and blood? Dare she try? What if she failed? Could she handle it, more so, what if she succeeded? What would her life become? Questions became more questions. Her brain was aflame!

"Beep Blorp Boop." thought X-9.


Hitler's deployment of the deadly Donkey Bomb came too late to turn the tide of WWII. Unbeknownst to him, the donkeys really enjoyed their Nazi Powered Horsey Rides.

You know...the donkey may not have the physiology for it, but I swear he/she looks happy.


The first image is exquisite, beautiful, but I've sat here I don't know how long now staring in wonder at this second picture.

I'm not sure which and don't care, but two bits of my history I didn't really need just got chucked over the side of the boat to make room for these.
I'm glad you are enjoying my find.
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