Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A kick in the stomach

Y: The Last Man Number 60

I ran up to a comic store right up the street from my office today to pick up the final issue of Y: The Last Man. It was a very satisfying ending, but for reasons I cannot tell you here (lest I spoil it), I feel at the moment, as if I had been kicked in the stomach, and am sad.

I urge you all to read this fantastic series.

What's it about? Something kills the male of every mammal on earth except for Yorick Brown and his pet monkey Ampersand. Sound like a Paradise? It's not. In fact that's just the beginning of this action-packed, thoughtful, humorous and ultimately emotional story of Yorick and his companions as they search for the answer of "Why did this happen, and can we save the life on Earth?" All this while running from some very real threats that want to make sure Yorick Brown takes a dirt nap.

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Just did a little reading on it and it seems really interesting. Not familiar with Brian Vaughn, but I was a big fan of the Vertigo imprint back before there was even such a thing.

I'm sure they've reprinted some of it in paperback editions. I may have to visit the ole' comic book store. Thanks!
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