Thursday, January 24, 2008

All Glory to the Hypno-Frog


Simon Hypno-Frog

Kiff Croaker

River Kiff Croaker

Lola & Tank

The froggissies make a new friend.

Spot the Nerds

There are some names we use on a regular basis around the house.

Our Camera: Blinky The Simpsons

Alesanndra's iBook: Tianna Farscape

My MacBook: Serenity Firefly

Downstairs iMac: Leetah Elfquest

First Portable Thumb Drive: Savah Elfquet

Simon & River Firefly

Hypno-Frog, Kiff Croaker Futurama

Xena Xuxa

Who are the nerds? Why you, silly!

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