Saturday, December 15, 2007

Legal Child Abuse

I beat the crap out of a 7 year old autistic boy and it felt great! I pummeled him to the canvas in the Round 1 of Wii boxing because he had previously beat me at fencing so I had to give him the beat down.

Tonight we are using our house to host a good bye party for our friend Blima, unfortunately it's currently snowing. I'll be surprised if anyone comes.

Update Party canceled. Unfortunately just as we were dropping the guest of honor off at her apartment, we got a call from a woman who caters tasty Brazilian food. She had 100 empanadas and was going to come to the party. D'oh!


*Homer drool* Mmmm...empanadas...
I know, not only was going to bring the empanadas, BUT, she used to own a restaurant which she closed in favor of catering, so it's not like we can just roll in and get some empanadas. We can't.

It would have been special occasion, FREE empanadas, which as we all know, are the tastiest of all.

As it was, I ended up eating a bowl of soup and some cheese/spinach dip before going to bed.
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