Friday, November 02, 2007

In one end

Sex toy amnesty recycles first tonne
Sex toy retailer LoveHoney has recycled its first tonne of waste toys following the August launch of its Rabbit Amnesty scheme. The scheme offers customers a discreet take back recycling service with the incentive of a half price Rabbit vibrator from its range.

‘Over loved toys’ are classed as waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), so EU WEEE regulations to reduce this type of waste going to landfill apply. The retailer is working with SWEEEP, a specialist WEEE processor with a facility in Kent, to process the toys.

LoveHoney head buyer Bonny Hall said: 'Although some people might think it's strange to recycle sex toys, rabbit sales are growing every year and we don't want old ones dumped in landfill sites across the country. Rabbit Amnesty will take embarrassment out of the equation and give people the chance to dispose of their rabbits in an environmentally friendly way.
'By sending an old rabbit to LoveHoney, customers not only get the satisfaction of having it recycled – without the inconvenience or embarrassment of taking a used sex toy to a local council rubbish dump – they can also get a brand new vibrator for half price.”

And out the other

As at any other conference, delegates arriving at the 2007 World Toilet Summit in New Delhi are handed a tote bag full of schwag. Unlike any other conference, however, our bags contained two small plastic containers of human waste. Composted human waste, of course. In one, a few powdery ounces of “human excreta-based manure” (2.0% nitrogen, 6.9% phosphorus, 0.4% potassium); in the other, a “hard ball” of composted humanure mixed with adhesive. I don’t know what one does with a “hard ball” of poop, but I do know that it has absolutely no smell.
-Poop Culture | by Dave Praeger | the blog

Poo! Ahahahahahaha, I also love it that vibrators are classed as "WEEE"


There is a market for everything. I bet you that those hard balls of poop could be formed into sex toys and poop fetish folks'd buy em.
So the extrusion becomes the intrusion?

That's fucking hilarious!
I remember growing up, all the mid-Missouri truck stop/tourist schlock shops had sterilized donkey turds for sale. They were all shellaced and shiny!
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