Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I did It for Science

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A few weeks ago we had my niece and nephew over for a slumber party. We made cookies, and for the first time in a while I popped a chunk of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough in my mouth. As the rush of pleasure overcame me I thought to myself, then later out loud to Alessandra, "Is cookie dough better than sex?" She told me I was being silly, but I resolved to get to the bottom of it.

As one can imagine, timing an experiment such as this, well...it's tricky, as well as nearly nigh impossible to nail down. But through luck I was recently able to get a completely subjective side-by-side comparison. And here is my result:

No, CCCD is emphatically NOT better than sex. It's easily trumped by passionate kissing.

I also made two more interesting discoveries:

1. Depending on your partner, the introduction of a raw-egg product into the bedroom may very well derail the entire loving making process.

2. While it's generally understood that Led Zepplin rocks fucking hard, while the brain in simmering in a post coital stew, one can believe that the band was channeling sounds and imagery from some primal archetypal mystical plane.

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This last is a reminder why and how people tend to believe in some crazy shit. When you're brain isn't in the proper flux, you tend to forget that it's all Brain Chemicals. Keep those chems stewing around it's all too easy to believe in the various spirit realms.

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