Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Busy Busy Busy

My company has blocked off Blogger access at the office. Luckily for me though I can just email my posts in.

It's weird, every company I've ever worked for I've had total Admin privileges for everything. I'd say it's a shitty feeling to be behind the firewall, but currently I've found ways around it, primarily by bringing in my laptop everyday. The wireless is not site blocked other than gmail (easily circumvented now that they have IMAP), and Blogger (see gmail). I can use all my chats if I so choose and now I have the comforting presence of my friends and family right next to me.

Speaking of work, did I mention that I think the IT Department hates me? According to my friend Ben who is head of a major university medical school department lab, this is not unusual because IT departments tend to generally hate anyone who isn't in their department. Think about it: It takes a rigid right brain person to be a programmer, systems guy, and I come swinging in with all my left brain reformats and requests that do not fit their working server model. It has to be frustrating on their end, as it is on mine. At Ben's suggestion I did bring them cupcakes after Halloween, but I'm still getting snarky comments in emails: "You should focus on what the link is supposed to look like. Don't let the details of how our LinkManager works, confuse you." Sorry dude, my email was a direct question from my boss. Dick.

How is everyone making the transition to Standard Daylight Time? Me and the cats are still an hour behind, which kind of sucks in the morning waking up at 520 instead of 620.

My tv is my alarm clock and I woke up the other day to a newsroom in a state of story busting laughter. They were kind enough to post the reasons behind the laughter, which surprises me that they are goofy enough to have fun with themselves. Check it out

I'm not going to bore you with the details, but Jesus Christ! All of our cats may be equal to the financial outlay of a newborn baby. At this moment we are medicating all 3 of them, two of them with a chronic med that may set us back 40 bucks a month each if Pet Insurance doesn't cover it, and two with 2 different meds at the same time, as well as a special food for one.

Eye Candy

Great Pen & Ink inspiration for me to aspire to. Virgil Finlay's pulp illustrations from the 30s-50s. Check it out!

Yeesh! It's taken hours to get this post done.

re cats
no shit. we're still paying for our cat Annie's surgery and we don't even have her anymore!
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