Monday, November 12, 2007

The Absolutely Scariest Colors Imaginable

For most people, color is basic element of our daily lives that we
use for comfort, inspiration, practicality, etc. According to the
National Institute of Mental Health, phobias and irrational fears
affect approximately 10% of adults. Some of those phobias relate to
colors being the most terrifying thing imaginable… for those poor
people, this color loving website would probably be hell-incarnate.
Here are several color phobias and some of color associations with
common and strange phobias.

As you can see I'm at work by my crappy post. Oddly enough I could
have posted all weekend, but I didn't feel like putting the time into
it. I'm having a hard time coming up with clever content and funny
links. Currently the world doesn't seem all that funny or creative.

Meanwhile back at Rancho Plattnero I'm still working on my drawing.
I've decided to use pin-up girls, and burlesque photos as my models.
Next up...learning proportion so my girls don't look like warped

Hand Rape Bruised Balls and other things:

I know what you're thinking you dirty, dirty thing, but that's not
it. On Saturday I played a djembe for the the first time in close to
3 years, for probably less than 20 minutes and I ended up totally
violating my hands. The drum was newly skinned and pulled tight. She
sounded awesome, but now my right hand has 3 blisters, two fat ones
on my finger tips, and one on the balls of my hand. Both balls on
both hands are still throbbing today. The cool part was at after the
long hiatus my hands still know the rhythms which is all fine and
dandy when your hands feel 40 years older than your chronological self.

Hippies and Yoginis:

Guests at this party held by my friend Sky (which I thought was
pretentious when I first met him, only to discover his name is
Schuler), were varied. Sky is a musician, african drummer, massage
therapist with roots in the local yoga community. So you can imagine
that a lot of his friends are older Hippies. Sky's girlfriend is 25
years younger than himself, and also a yogini, many of her friends
are young and cute. So it was a mix of the older Hippie guys trying
to bag a younger Hippy Chick. Everyone was in their finest beads/
totems/fetishes, purple linens and tie dyes.

At one point I thought I lost my wedding in yet another African
Drumming related accident, but I was told by one woman that I didn't
have it on before I started drumming. Does that mean I was being
checked out? I will pretend this is the case even though she was
there with a date.

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