Monday, November 19, 2007

'1984' - Teachers, teens immerse selves in mock danger of Orwell's novel. - sacbee.com

"The room was dark, but for a single light shining directly on suspected traitor London Donson.

'London,' an interrogator intoned from the darkness. 'Who is Chastity Rice?'
'I'm not saying,' Donson replied, defiant.

'There's no escaping this,' a voice said from the darkness. And another: 'This is Room 101.'

The ultimate torture room. The place, Oceania. The suspected crimes, treason and conspiracy against Big Brother. The year, 1984.

Or was it?

In truth, Room 101 is a conference room at Sacramento New Technology High School; the 'crime,' learning. The date, Friday.

Seniors here had been immersing themselves for three weeks in a make-believe world meant to simulate the conditions of George Orwell's legendary book, '1984.' Written in 1948, the novel is a futuristic glimpse at a totalitarian society that Orwell set in 1984.

English teacher Jennifer Kennedy (aka Big Sister Kennedy) and her student teacher, Anne Clarke (aka Big Sister Clarke), lauded the lesson as an example of project-based learning, a concept embraced by the school as a way to teach kids through real-world application."


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