Sunday, October 28, 2007

Things I learned in the few days.

Things I learned in the few days.

It can take DreamWeaver 3 hours on a PC to do a Find and Replace on a 133,000 line xml file and crash while saving. It takes 30 seconds to do the same on a Mac in TextEdit.

In New Zealand at the end of the 70s and the beginning of the 80's that there were often fights between the the whites who embraced Punk Rock, and the "Blacks" who were fans of Disco. The routes of cultural transmission were quicker from U.K. to New Zealand than Los Angeles to New Zealand.

That a smart, beautiful woman with a sparkling personality and a can go on a date, wait at a restaurant with said date, leave for a change of venue, then get dumped in the car on the way because the date "Doesn't think it's working out." and "Your laugh annoys me."

It's difficult not to smile when you hear a Dolly Pardon song on the radio, especially when she's doing a cover song of a late 90's one hit wonder.

IT Departments have everyone at the company that isn't IT.

A 16 oz energy drink costs more than a 24oz beer

While it's pretty well known I hate getting together with family for holidays, this year's Thanksgiving will be especially disappointing because I'll be out of town that weekend instead of going to Dr. Sketchy's Drink & Draw session which will be featuring the Burlesque DuoGravity Plays Favorites and their pole.

Apple service warranties extend to their power cords, and even if someone on the phone says they don't have one in stock, it always helps to go down and ask in person, as my cord was replaced today.

No matter how tasty your crepes, your framed picture of Rudy Giuliani and you at a fund raiser, can and will cost you a couple of customers.

Last but not least: Alessandra Rocks because she did the detail makeup work on my Halloween mask this year (photos forthcoming) using a cat whisker

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