Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A list

This past weekend I bathed my first child (3 year old nephew). He splashed around, covered me with soap suds (I was fully clothed) and a good time was had by all. Later he coughed up a lungful of sticky phlegm on me like a snotty St. Bernard. I had to wash all my sheets and clothes.

On the same day that I discovered that for the first time a rock cracked my car windshield, I was pulled over for speeding (80 mph in a 65).

I was pulled over right next to a huge landfill which is only 1.8 miles down the highway to a 1000 year old funeral mound built by the Cahokia Indians

The Trash Mound is 88 times the size of Monk's Mound (according to my fly-by-night calculations) because it is easily twice as tall as the mound.

Yesterday several hundred people walked by my workstation (not even worthy of the designation "cube"). Luckily I did not "accidentally" have any porn on my screen. If you want, you can watch them every Tuesday on my Yahoo Messenger Video Broadcast. My messenger name is CapnMarrrrk.

Alessandra has a cold. I have one circling around me. It's messing up my inner ear. Last night I had several dreams I was on carnival ride like conveyor belts. I woke up today and held the sensation most of the day of being on a trampoline or having "land legs" after getting off of a boat. It's pretty cool provided I remain not nauseous.

Xuxa (our cat) was diagnosed with diabetes. We think we are out of local friends who might be willing to come over and inject her when we go out of town this weekend.

As you can guess, Corporate is much different from Advertising. I have to greatly clamp down on both my propensity to say "Fuck", loudly and make clever jokes, zingers and statements which will immediately peg me as "weird."

I've currently given up guitar for drawing and I may be selling my Blue Ridge Guitar tonight, leaving me with two guitars. I kind of feel like a failure, but I gave it over 2 years of constant practice and I learned a lot about music even if I can't play it.

I think I may go with pen & ink as a medium. Crosshatching and such baffles the fuck out of my and totally hypnotizes me.

If you really want to fuck with your head. Remove all clocks from your bedroom, or cover the display with electrical tape. You lose all sense of relationship to night time. Your inner monologue gets jacked, "Oh it's x'oclock. Only x hours until I get up. Do I really need to pee that bad?" Of course the answer is yes. You always need to pee. Luckily for us, we don't need an alarm clock because our tv has a timer which is set to come on at 6:20 am right as the weather is done.

So I drive 30 miles NE to get to work every day and 13 miles due West to go to the allergist on Saturdays. I met a woman who also gets her shot at the allergist who lives a mile and a half from where I work, and who's husband works .25 miles from my house. Go Figure.


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