Friday, October 19, 2007

The Joy of Adulthood is....


After having read about the special Lindt's 99% Cocoa bar that is only sold at the Lindt's Store located Mall of America and expressed the desire to try one, my friends Khena and Vivek (recently relocated to the Twin Cities), sent one down to me along with some Halloween Truffles.

99% Cocoa is not like Chocolate as you know it. It's unrecognizable, bitter and creamy like peanut butter when it melts in your mouth. It's wicked strange and wicked good if you go for that kind of thing. Which apparently I do.

Written on the golden foil in 4 languages is this: "To taste the boquet of coca aromas try accompanying your tasting with some coffee."

The joy of adulthood is coffee and chocolate for breakfast.

Thanks Khena and Vivek!


99% wow! I wonder if I can order online? I will check it out. My mom and dad each one piece of dark chocolate a day and this would totally freak them (in a good way!)

Commenting on corporate office behavior: Hard to "behave" when you are a natural wise-ass, huh! My humor has gotten me into some trouble at times, but has mostly amused my cube mates and family. Hey, it's who I am!
aarrgghh. that means hi in pirate, but you knew that, right?
Dis it means everything. In fact, you didn't say Hi, you just quoted me the entire King James Bible in pirate.

Yeah Sandra, I am a smart ass, and people in the flesh don't easily get me, even people I've known for years don't always get me, so for now it's better to be safe.

However when the attractive woman in the cublette next to me said she just got certified in CPR I did fall out of my chair clutching my chest and kicking my feet in the air.
Great picture! V and I bought a 99% bar for ourselves as well and I haven't figured out what to do with it yet. The breakfast idea sounds good though.
Let it sit on your tongue until it gets peanut buttery then wash it down with the Java.
I don't know... Ale let me try a small bit when I came over to learn how to give Xuxa insulin... I thought it pretty horrid. I think unsweetened ginseng is actually better. I guess I just don't understand 99% perfection.
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