Monday, October 22, 2007

Fire Ants vs...

Fire ants have a degree of awesomeness that cannot be replicated by other insects. They are dangerous, relentless, stinging robots that attack anything that comes near their nest without any regard for their own lives. Even their name sounds menacing - putting other contenders like a 'stink bug' or 'dung beetle' in their place without even having to go to the trouble of biting out their intestines. Let's see how other challengers fare in the real world:

I have an amusing Fire Ant Anecdote: When Alessandra and I went to the Amazon, we were asked if we wanted to plant a tree to help repopulate the rain forest. We declined because we were pissed that the hotel had, the night before, killed a 15 foot alligator by chaining it to a tree for x number of years and letting it grow into its chain thus strangling it to death that very day.

Mind you, the hotel is stilted over a river and wetlands, so there are 3 miles or so of raised walkway built out of?...Amazon Wood. And throughout the place are meditation/healing power of Amazon stations for you to sit and grok.

Well, again, we refused because how did we know the hotel wasn't just going to chop down some more trees for more walkways? We didn't, and the tour guide didn't understand the concept of "Ecosystem" as I tried to explain that it's more than just trees to make life in the Amazon.

Anyway, another couple who was in our group, were quite cool so we exchanged emails and so on. Later on, I was told that they had bought several trees to plant, and while they were planting one, the husband fell backwards onto a fire ant nest, which only goes to prove my point that the Amazon really doesn't give a shit and wants to eat you.

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