Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Working Man

Today I was offered a job as Web Developer for a web travel company. I was recruited by Kelly IT who found me on Monster.com. Oddly enough, this is the first time I've ever heard of anyone actually getting a job through Monster. This company wanted me because I am a Graphic Generalist and know a little bit of everything with the capacity to go deeper if needed.

I will be a department of 1 working in conjunction with a dept. of 3 in who work for another branch of the office, directly under the CEO and 2 VPs.

I'm certain I will be doing these things: Formatting documents to work on the web, creating websites within certain design parameters using CSS, photo-retouching, text editing and correction on the website, creating Flash animations.

Things I will most likely be doing later on: learning some scripting code for web and Flash, editing video/audio, creating e-learning modules so the sales reps can train on-line.

Right now there is a huge backlog of work to be done, and they want me to be the guy to do it. I suspect the work will be challenging enough to keep me interested at pay level I would call, "Getting there," but still more than I've made previously. It's not an issue. I do, however, have to dress business casual, i.e. no T-shirts (blank or otherwise), no shorts or jeans. So I did a little shopping today, I refuse to wear collared "golf shirts" (have BAD associations with those, and look doofy in them), so I'm gonna snazz it up a bit, and wear button downs.

I really don't want to make a big deal about it, because I'm going to go in, sit down, make nice and do the job in front me to the best of my ability.

Thanks for the warm wishes and support.

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Congratulations! I'm recently back into the workforce myself, welcome back to the grind. :)
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