Thursday, September 27, 2007

Welcome to Cubeland, Population: Me

How odd to be working full-time for a "Corporation". Sure I've gone in "Business Casual" for a few days here and there, but full-time? I had to buy some new clothes: 4 shirts and two pants. I hope everyone likes brown because they are all variations (excepting the black shirt). So with the clothes I have now that means I have all of 7 or 8 shirts to wear, half of those short sleeved. Perhaps no one will notice that I wear the same outfits every week but switch up the days. One shouldn't blow all the new income on fancy threads if I'm gonna be piloting a cube.

Cubes. Yep, there are lots of them. Small ones with tiny in rows, all of them with monitors visible to all passers by. Luckily for me I don't plan on goofing around (because soon as I'm broken in...think avalanche). So I will be able to maximize my productivity because...most websites are blocked!

This is a potential problem because I often need to access message boards for information and help, but all message boards are blocked, are all chat applications. So for the first time in 8 years I am cut off from the friendly presence of my wife. This is the only thing that bugs me. We don't constantly chat all day, but it's nice to know she's there.

So that's the deal for now. I have a feeling that soon I'm going to be tossed into the deep end of the pool, so I've got to be on the ball.


well, congrats on the source of income and sorry about the internets being blocked. that blows. if it wasn't for the internet, i'm not sure i'd make it through most days at work. sorry about your luck. and the whole business casual thing. damn. well, at least you got some new clothes out of the deal? no? that's right, guys don't get into clothes like chicks do.

i'm going to shut up now.
Watch out for that fax machine...
I'm not near a fax machine.

And no, I don't care about clothes, but for the fact Ale won't let me throw away any of my shoes, I have a closet floor full of them scattered around. As I care greatly about comfort, I'm kind of a male shoe whore.
Little boxes on the hillside...

Shoes make the outfit. Shoes, gloroius shoes.
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