Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Re: Super Secret Spy

I started it last night and I couldn't put it down. It has a Noir Spy vs Spy quality to it, but with 3 dimensional characters with motives and hearts. I highly recommend it.

Super Spy

I worked with Matt Kindt Artist and Writer of Super Secret Spy. He's deep in the tedious grind of button making along with myself this week. He said the hand I drew (below) looks pretty good. Cool!

This looks like a pretty neat book, and the I like the illustration, so I'm going to pop down to the local comic shop and pick up a copy. If you want, you can read it on-line, but as you can imagine, Matt would be happy if you bought it.


Thanks for the kind words! Sorry I'm not working there this week -- they said they didn't need me -- which was for the best I guess -- got swamped again with work at home. Glad you're liking the book -- thanks for picking it up!
No worries, I didn't work either.

The guys at the Star Clipper also had very nice things to say about Two Sisters and Pistolwhip.

I was at the county library today. You need to get some place there.
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