Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sing Along with Mojo

Orenthal James (was a mighty bad man)

Orenthal James was a mighty bad man
He killed two people last night
Chopped off their heads in West L. A.
Musta been a mighty sharp knife poor boy!
Musta been a mighty sharp knife

One was his X-wife, the other one her lover
Orenthal was a very jealous man
He hid in the bushes and began to mutter
If I can't have her nobody else can

He flew to Chicago, two cuts on his hand
Two bodies discovered too fast
his outa town alibi gone up in smoke
Now we find out 'bout his wife beatin' past
find out about his wife beatin' past

They threw him in jail, they brought him to trial
Orenthal hired million dollar turkeys
Told so many lies, I almost went blind
If he didn't ddo it who did? Poor Boy!
If he didn't do it who did?

Orenthal had the motive and opportunity too
He planned it all and tried to escape
Wrote a suicide note but wasn't man enough
To speak the truth and seal his fate. Poor Boy!
There was blood in the car and blood on his clothes
Thou they never did find that knife
He smiled for the cameras and bought him some justice
And got away with killin' his wife

When the foreman returned and said not guilty
I couldn't believe my ears
Orenthal James is a mighty bad man
Ought be in jail for 400 years
Servin' tme for 400 years

Orenthal James killed his bimbo X-wife
The mama of his children, too
Been in Hollywood so long
He starts to believe the big lie
Don't let it happen to you

Orenthal James is a very bad man
Killed two people last night
Chopped off their heads in West L. A.
Musta been a mighty sharp knife, Poor Boy!
Musta been a mighty sharp knife.

Karma is a bitch.

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