Saturday, September 15, 2007

Mind control guru can pay with blank sheets of paper. | Wise Bread

My wife told me recently about a guy from my homeland, England, who has such powers of mind control that he can pay for almost any item with blank sheets of paper. I laughed it off. Then I saw the video and was quite amazed by the power of the human mind.

The video shows you how he does it, but it basically revloves around the idea that the mind sees what it expects to see. No-one would dare pay for an item with blank paper, and because Mr. Brown keeps your mind busy your primal brain kicks in and concentrates on language rather than something more obvious. The result is that Mr. Brown can pay for almost anything with nothing. Quite a trick.

I haven't watched this yet, but I fully intend to.

Wow. Now that's a trick...I could never pull off!
i can do the opposite trick. I can use real money to scribble notes to myself on.

Not as impressive, i know...
This dude has a show on Sci-Fi, it's amazing. Actually, there are quite a few vids around of the various mind tricks he does. He can get a losig dog to pay out at the track. I've been trying some of the NLP stuff around work, with minimal success.
Notice though, that it only worked for a spliet second.

"Here take it, take it."

It takes a lot of practice to get that kind of verbal control. I have a book here of stage hypnosis patter and scripts, but I can't get anyone to practice on.

I'm certain that confidence has a lot to do with it.
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