Saturday, September 08, 2007

Lets do the Time Warp again!

20 years between then and now.

Every time I come to Columbia, Missouri I get punched in the stomach. The gestalt overload of the memories seems almost too much. This was the first place i ever felt at Home, the first place I had real friends, found love, lost love, smoked a lot of weed and formed a lot of memories which kind of blur together, that leave me with a throbbing knot of longing and loss.

As you all know, memories are funny, and are definitely an interpretation of the truth of the event. Built up by the romance of time, the memories of your youth are baked by the inner fire of that time and then polished by the grit kicked up from your daily grind. Things were so much better then..." Sigh.

That's just the memory, and not the truth of the matter, of which it makes no difference what actually occurred, but how you remember it.

Check out this picture taken in 1987.


I was in the process of transforming from Preppie to Hippie. Forget the helmet, it was a friends, but see I had the hippie bracelets going on. It was a slow transformation. In another picture, I'm wearing a gigantocrystal in a woven hippie sack, and oh look, I have an earring hole.

Embarrassing story time: At the time of this picture I was waging Scent Warfare on Eileen (who now swings by NTM from time to time...I think). You see, I was with my mom once and for some reason she took me to Saks 5th Ave. And she thought I should have a cologne, so Mama said the ladies would like Fendi, but I didn't much care for it. The Very Hot fragrance counter lady said she liked it ($$$) so I had Mama buy it. In case you've never smelled it...it's STRONG, and probably smells like ass. So I would wear this shit all the time, especially when visiting Eileen's room. Perhaps that's why she smoked so much (I smoked too, it was a regular Smokatorium that Summer.)

When she was out of the room, I would rub my neck on her pillow, and then one day she told me she had a dream about me, so I "knew I was in." and eventually we started dating.

Getting back to the main story, here I am in Columbia, Missouri. This time, for the first time, I walked around the campus and tried to reconcile some personal highlights, and I see that they've added some new really large buildings, but it's all pretty much the same. Weird.

Tomorrow, me and the other team of folks I know down here will be getting some pizza at Shakespeare's Pizza where I used to work as a driver during the Magical Summer of No Responsibility, a Steady Girl and lots of Legos. Hopefully this time they won't be playing music from the 80's station like last year, because that really freaks my shit out, and I start looking around wildly for people I know to walk in the door. Then I get to go back to my wife and work on forging more memories, so when I'm older still, I can look back and say, "Ah, those were the days!"

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Hey, you've grown better looking over the years! An enviable position, to be sure.
I think the saying is, "Arrrr, those were the days!"

Keep up the riding! We're with you in spirit.
I used to think that those were the days... now I'm thinking that right now is actually kind of great. In fact daily, I am convinced of it.
I agree with you, but it seems that for me, today, it works best in retrospect. But I can always try to work on looking at today.

Since College I've: been 15 years sober, come out of abject poverty, again fallen in love, lost love, went to Burning Man, got pets, fallen in LOVE, gotten married, played with monkeys in the Amazon, written a book, taught myself guitar (sort of), bought a house, lost a parent, made new friends, and found Home.

That's pretty swank if you ask me.

BTW...Columbia...is in fact a rundown shit hole.

I think the next time I go back there will be no stomach punch as I spent enough time there on my own this weekend.
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