Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Kibbles and Bits

Lots has happened, but nothing has happened so I'm going Stream of Consciousness because I think of things that would fit in a post but have no place.

I've been busy learning to draw. I have 3 books I'm working from to upgrade my skills. Drawing for drawing sake, Drawing to communicate, and design. They all use different parts of the creative brain. My dreams have become extremely vivid. A few days I woke up beginning to scream because a witch was chasing me. A few after that, I woke up laughing because I was in a Simpsonsesque cartoon, and the night after, I woke up in a panic because I didn't get into Grad School (???) Odd.

Lession 1B

It's gonna be a looong process, but for a change the path is more important than the destination.

Thank you for donating to my MS Bike Ride. This year, with minimal training I blew through 40 miles the first day and with proper hydration, 40 miles the second day. Next year, for certain 75 the first day.

After the ride while I waited for friends at the Traditional Lunching Place, I could feel by body eating itself.

...I'm freelancing a place this week where me and a couple of other guys have to make 4500+ buttons for a marketing website, by Friday!

At the same place I'm waiting for the elevator up to the 5th floor. A young woman arrives at the elevator with me.

She: fixes her hair in the Employee of the Month frame and applies lip gloss. She looks at her watch.

I stand there.

Elevator arrives, she checks her her cell phone and smooths her outfit. I stand there.

Door opens, she fixes her hair and smooths her clothes again before exiting. I stand there. She's hot, so it's ok.

In the same elevator is a flyer for a company game day on Friday. Teamwork building fun day. The illustration of the team members has them all holding giant puzzle pieces and assembling them. I look closer, if it were Real Life, the pieces wouldn't fit.

...yesterday I saw a Grungy Biker with Harley help a teenage girl with stalled Pink Scooter.

..."A Hate Powered Love Machine."

Running to Stand Still. I'm out of blog time already. Its nearly time to mediate and go to bed.

Oh yeah, I'm meditating too.

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stick with the drawing! I really wish i hadn't given it up to work in the computer industry.

and i always thought drawing hands and feet was the hardest thing ever!
Thanks Slyde! I work in Graphic Production and am going backwards in order to go forwards.
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