Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ear Doodle

ear doodle

I doodled this ear today from a picture I found on line. This is my first successful hatch shading.


Try drawing from your mind rather than from life. I've spent so much time doing the life thing that I feel like it's eaten up most of my ability to wing it. I feel the same way about music. Spent so much time studying the written stuff and not enough time improvising. Sooo envious of those who can do by ear.
I wanna see MORE! ooo, how bout a self portrait?
Not yet on both parts. I've only been drawing for a few weeks. My mind isn't ready for holding a picture long enough. I have to learn how properly see first.

No rush.
Hey it looks like an ear! I took drawing from right side of brain class, and found my drawings improved. In the sense that they looked like the stuff I was trying to draw. After awhile even your life drawings will take on your own style... please do more so I can continue to procrastinate work!
nice ear, van gogh. where have you been?!
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