Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bacon + Chocolate = Love?

I was at Whole Foods today when I noticed this:


Being the Chocomonster that I am, I bought it. Let me tell you, it's pretty damn tasty. It tastes like a chocolate-covered pretzel but with more smoky bacon chips in it and creamy smooth. I've only had 2 nibbles because it's outrageously priced and it's 32% saturated fat per 3 square serving, but you know what? I LIKES it.


Homer Simpson now envies you.

As do I.
Don't pretend you don't work about a mile away from Whole Foods. I say you truck on down there, plunk down the 7 bucks and take one home with you.
OMG! I think chris works about a 1/2 mile closer to the Whole Paycheck than I do, but I bet I can beat him there. That looks damn tasty.
Looks like a heart attack in bar form, but I have to say...I intrigued. Might have to hunt one of these down.
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