Monday, August 27, 2007

So it goes...

Today I was told that I didn't get the job I wanted at the company I want to work for. For those who didn't get the secret post, the interview was a disaster. My portfolio melted in my car over the Summer and the Interviewer found a typo on my resume that has been there at least 6 years. This for a position which requires Rain Man-esque attention to detail.

While I'm very disappointed, at least this experience has opened a new direction for skill set acquisition. I spoke to my friend Larry at Viva Vox today. He has minimal funding, no more full-time employees and his regular gig at a one Juvenile Detention Facility has been put on hiatus for this year until he gets some funding. But he's still plugging away following his dream.

So what do I have? Temp gigs. And that's good enough for now.

I have to end this post here and get back to my work. The chair won't draw itself.

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sorry to hear yo didn't get job. i could say crap like "your real great job will come soon" etc. but does that make anyone feel better?

How about this: I do like your thought process on mapping out stuff.
Thanks on the mind mapping stuff. I'm working at the Visual Communication thing.

As for the work stuff: We all know, it's not true that "a better job will come along." I'm a realist, there is no evidence that this will occur. I may get a job, or several jobs that may not be right for me (though I hope not.)
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