Friday, August 10, 2007

Notes from an office

I'm Freelancing this week and for a Medium Largish Advertising Company. Everyone seems very nice, though many of them are under the impression I'm the new hire.

For the first time ever, I am in an office with a window, and air conditioning unit and dual monitors. Unknownst to anyone but myself and one other, I have brought my screwdriver in and removed a sliding keyboard unit stopping me from getting comfortable. Not to self: Two can keep a secret only if one of them is dead. The chair sucks and the monitor is too high.

The coffee machine really stands out. It's a Starbucks automachine. It's very cool. You select the size you want, if you want beans from the left, right or both bins then it grinds your beans and makes you a fresh hot cup of coffee. In fact it's supercool. The only problem is that it's Starbucks. Both the House Blend and the Vienna Roast taste just like you would get in the store...like burned rubber. I had to scrape my tongue and brush my teeth after drinking it.

That's really the point of the post. Office with a window, nice people, shitty coffee, cool machine.

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