Sunday, August 19, 2007

Media Stop

It's been a while since I've consumed enough media to even have a Media Rodeo, but I've had a few busy Media Days.

For some reason I think people will take these suggestions and/or comment on these posts, but what the hell, that's what blogs are for.


Holy Shit, what an amazing film. I knew it was Alterni-culturally relevant, and prophetic, but...Holy Shit!

What is about? Anchorman gets fired, flips out on air, gets rehired as "Truthspeaking Prophet", goes batshit crazy, gets awesome ratings, fights the Man, Man fights back while co-opting Rebellion and crushing the little guy...the usual.

Agentmatrix was kind enough to post 7 clips abbreviating and highlight the move. So if you want the Cliff Notes version, you can watch them all here:

I was going to post more, but this seems to be quite the largish post, so I'm gonna bag it until tomorrow or the next day.

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