Saturday, August 04, 2007

Holy Crap is that cool

You know, I normally stay away from tech gadgets because I can't afford them, and by not keeping ahead of the curve, I don't feed what would surely be an addiction. Disclosure statement: I have a MacBook Pro that I'm on nearly round the clock at home.

So when the iPhone came out I just kind of went, "Yeah, that's cool in theory, but I'll never get one because they too expensive, and really...BFD."

Well today we happened to be a the mall and we happened by the Mac Store when Alessandra mentioned that they probably have them on display there. Holy crap is that fucking cool!

Me at Mac Store on iphone
iphone photo from the store

So as a note to my mom from a discussion we had just Thrusday: Yeah, I could easily see myself with one, and yeah it probably is worth the money.

Too bad I can't afford the little bastard.


I had precisely the same reaction.
that little voice was telling me I didn't care about it for same reasons as yours but YES, I want to play with the big kids too. Then I could call you and ask how to fix it cause you'd know. hehehe
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