Saturday, August 25, 2007

Cap'n Marrrrk & the trip to the Big Show

Rush was in town last night. We've been waiting all Summer to try and nab tickets day of show.

Blip thoughts from the day:

My friend Kevin teaches me how to keep checking ticket bastard for ticket releases. At 4pm Bastard pulls the tix from the website, time to call.

Do we want Row EE Left section at $51 clams each? Yes...Bastard adds an additional 16 fucking dollars in service charges per ticket.

We are off to the show. Ale tells me she read on the website that parking is an additional 20 fucking dollars! The venue is situated in an office park, but all cars are guided past the office lots to the distant venue lots. 3 tiny, tiny cones attempt to stop me from parking right next to the venue. They fail as I drive around them. No signs mentioning towing...all is well. 20 Dollars is saved.

In line at Will Call looking for Kevin. Who's that? Oh shit, it's my estranged Step-brother (8 years and counting w/o contact), quick look the other way! Whistle softly and rotate away as he walks by.

We watch him pass by for the entrance line. We pick an alternate line.

Showtime. Row EE Left. Good sightlines to the stage.

1/2 Hour in a couple arrives, we are in their seats? All tickets are pulled. They are identical except that ours says LFTL and theirs says LEFT? After some confusion, they move to empty seats in the middle of the row. I notice they paid more for their tix.

I get a soda and check with an usher what the hell LFTL means? It means Left Left! What? I look to where she points and it's EXTREME left. A tiny section with only 4 seats per row which would put me and Ale actually back outside the roof covering.

I walk up there just to see what EE Left Left looks like. AA, BB, CC, DD, EE Holy shit it my estranged stepbrother! I mumble a "Hi" and keep walking.

I report all this to Alessandra using my best attempt at bone sound conduction. It's doesnt work and it's rehashed at the set break as I fear the couple will wise up and ask an usher to have us booted from their spot.

The rest of the show, for me at least, is shrouded with a grey cloak of low level anxiety.

Thanks to our awesome parking, we scoot out immediately from a lot which has been known to keep concert goers stranded for hours.

I would call the show a moderate success. I enjoyed the show, but didn't get to ROCK as hard as I would have liked due to my stupid, stupid mind, while Rush did indeed lay it down HARD!


Rush is so awesome. We saw them a few years ago, and they played for about three hours straight, and came out for 2 encores.

They finished up the night with "YYZ" and the place went absolutely nuts, despite being tired from the long concert and high heat.

DUDE! How did you not tell me you were going! I was in Left QQ Seat 76 with a buddy of mine.

The show was awesome, the song selection was fantastic, best Rush show in a while! And the rotisserie chicken Geddy was cooking looked yummy! :)
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