Thursday, July 19, 2007


I am driving Southwest on Highway 44 at 8:15 pm. At Grand Ave., the Compton Hill Water Tower is to my left and the afternoon rain has slicked the highway; cars and trucks are throwing up puffs of mist.

The clouds have opened up and the sun is fat and red on the horizon. The rays burst across the highway from the right and all the cars are enveloped in pink-orange halos, throwing up pink smoke from cartoon cars.

I've never seen this before. Was I always in the wrong place at the wrong time or is my vision heightened by long hours at the office and a desire to nail down the world around me, and lock it into my brain? How much of my 40 years have I skated by looking at my inner eye, not using my outer one? Really, this is what I'm thinking.

The the cars pass back into the shadow, and I think about how I can't wait to tell Alessandra, when I get home. She's out of town, but we have Skype! We will look at each other on the the computer half a country away. "These are the days of Miracle and Wonder, this is the long distance call," indeed.

Half a mile ahead I see cars and trucks break the wall of light and turn into fast moving cotton candy. I love cotton candy, and I smile.

Hindsight tells me this is more rare than a Green Flash. If you live on a west coast, you can probably catch one daily. But this one...all the forces have to be in alignment. Time, Space, Weather and Season. Bullseye!

I pull off the highway at my exit and I look at the sky with its boiling clouds. Every color is represented in darkened hues. Why does the combination of Pink and Green or Orange and Purple look like crap everywhere else but the sky?

I wish, not for the first time, that I had the camera with me, so I can show you what I saw.

But, until I wise up and carry it with me, I have to use the words to paint the picture and bring you to me instead. Tonight: Youuuuuu....Arrrre....Therrrrrrreeeeee!

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