Friday, July 06, 2007

Stuff: 12 Days straight at the office

My coworkers are up to 18. The first books don't go to the printers until July 11th, so I am working at least until then. My personal record is 2.5 months before my first day off, then it was back to work for another few weeks. I'll always remember that day off, as one of my best, most relaxing days ever. Me, Alessandra and the cats on our vortex sofa just chilling for an entire day...sigh. Don't get me wrong, I'm not stressed, not at all. I'm just sighing at the memory.

I'm also beginning to teach myself to draw to keep my mind in a creative visual thinking mode. Learning to draw increases your ability to literally see the world differently. I suspect it also sharpens your dreams, as has happened to me, but that's opinion.

Fact not Opinion: I am a stellar employee and would make a certain communications company very happy.

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